Safety is the Priority

*Supportive Solutions is offering both in office and secure and HIPAA Compliant Video Sessions for support*

If you are exploring this site, there is a good chance you are experiencing challenges in your daily life.  Feeling Overwhelmed, exhaused, worried, and not sure if you can still be hopeful are so common. Seeking therapy is an important decision, thank you for taking the steps to see if my practice would be a good fit for you!

Working in the mental health field means witnessing emotional and physical pain people experience. I am drawn to this rewarding work and am amazed at the healing potential of each of my clients. It is a privilege to be present for the positive movement toward the life you want to lead. I cannot change the past but together we can help you live in the present in a healthy, grounded, and balanced way. I look forward to the opportunity to support you on your healing journey!