Sustain Sobriety

Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery

Providing recovery services from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, co-dependent relationships, and disordered eating to individuals seeking recovery as well as their loved ones who want to be a part of the solution.

Most people seeking support are either in active use and may or may not be aware of the consequences of use OR are returning to the community after a Residential or Outpatient Intensive Program and want to maintain hard earned sobriety.
I meet clients where they are in their addiction/recovery process and offer supportive guidance using validated principles of what strengthens sobriety. I am clear and direct in my communication and exhibit strong  boundaries so you can feel safe. It is important to support you establishing and maintaining your personal boundaries in all areas of your life. I use Motivational Interviewing, support the 12 Step process, and work with you to increase understanding of your triggers, your cycle of use, and resolving any past events that contribute to your addiction.

Jana’s Core Beliefs about Addiction:

  • The opposite of Addiction is Connection. It is vital to create a support network that elevates sobriety and helps you belong.
  • Focusing on Nourishment of your Body, Having restful sleep, and physically moving every day creates the foundation for health.
  • Change is possible, focus on doing the next healthy thing and then the next healthy thing …
  • Anything you do either brings you closer or further away from Sobriety
  • If one day at a time is too overwhelming, focus on one hour at a time, or one minute at a time.
  • Boundaries = Safety