Financial Information

Our Approach

Jana Glass is an out of network provider for all insurance companies and will be happy to provide you with a receipt to assist with out of network payments to your insurance company.

Many people elect not to use their health care plans to cover of mental health services, and chose to pay for these independently. This is usually based concerns about the privacy of their protected health information and who this information may be shared with in the future through insurance companies and their affiliates.

This is a personal choice and should be based on your current situation. If you choose to not use your health insurance to cover services, your personal information and medical records will remain confidential, with no access granted to your insurance company or their affiliates.

Session times are set at a mutually agreed upon time and it is respectfully requested any cancellations or appointment changes occur 24 hours in advance to avoid the late cancellation fee.

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Personal Checks, and Credit Cards.