Brainspotting Specialty Training

This Two Day Advanced Training is open to all professionals to deepen their understanding of trauma in the Perinatal period. Additionally, this training is for those who want to increase knowledge of the effect of trauma on Birthgivers and Families. A main theme woven in to the training is grief and how to support people in this process. This dynamic and creative training will incorporate creative expression elements, focus on communities of color, and provides the chance to interact and learn from trauma survivors who will share stories and what factors make the difference in healing.

  • Recognizing and thoroughly assessing trauma
  • Identifying common threads and themes
  • Knowing risk factors and populations at increased risk for perinatal trauma
  • Best practices to mitigate trauma effects
  • Core principles of Brainspotting and how to use these tools to help your client in the healing process.
  • Evaluating when to use Brainspotting with Perinatal clients
  • How to integrate Brainspotting in to your practice
  • Which Phase training set ups are helpful to the population
  • Learning the new set up “Connecting the Rainbow” through demonstration and dyad practicum
  • This all new set up is applicable across various populations and will be introduced through the perinatal lens.